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Dr. Karim Dhanani, B.Sc, B.A., ND

Dr. Karim Dhanani, B.Sc, B.A., ND, is a leading authority and practitioner of Biological Medicine whose reputation is rapidly gaining international attention.

Noted for his innovations in treating chronic degenerative medical conditions, Dr. Dhanani established The Centre for Biological Medicine in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada in 2002.

Since that time the clinic has established a distinctive international clientele drawing patients and professional consultation requests from around the world. Dr. Dhanani's vision to bring biological medicine to the forefront of the health care industry will undoubtedly continue to set him apart and give his work the recognition it deserves. In demand as a compelling speaker and experienced lecturer, Dr. Dhanani has appeared as a guest speaker at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, New Roots Herbal - Product Knowledge Seminars, Nature's Emporium Spring Detoxification Lectures and the Maclaughlin Senior Center.


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