Why is oxygen important?

In today's environment we receive only about HALF of the oxygen our bodies require in order to experience dynamic health. By living in an oxygen-deficient environment, our cells do not get the proper oxygen and nutrients they need for cleaning out toxins and wastes. Our body fluids and blood can become dirty and toxic.

Rejuvenate supplies the body with a steady diet of oxygen, hydrogen, plus a full spectrum minerals, amino acids, and enzymes – all the while cleansing the body's cells.

The ability to think, feel, move, eat, sleep and even talk all depends on energy from oxygen. All functions of our body are regulated by oxygen. It must be replaced on a moment-to-moment basis because 90% of our life energy depends on it, energizing cells so they can regenerate.

Lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition, alcohol, pollution, toxins, pharmacological drugs or lack of exercise all deprive the body of vital oxygen setting the stage for chronic degenerative disease and a weakened immune system.



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The difference for me was like night and day.
-name witheld

Can I have 3 dozen—I can really feel the results and I do all healthy things and yesterday was my 71 birthday—really feel great—love and light.
-Jack R.

I'm very surprised at how much energy I seem to have.
-Nita H.

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