What about other anti-oxidants?

Re-mineralization of our bodies without Fulvic has little benefit because colloidal minerals by themselves are not readily usable by cells. It is the Fulvic in conjunction with minerals that makes them effective.

Fulvic makes elemental minerals and vitamins more absorbable by complexing them into organic, ionic forms that are easily transported into and through membranes and cell walls. Once the nutrients meld into the Fulvic complex, they become bio-active and bio-available.



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Can I have 3 dozen—I can really feel the results and I do all healthy things and yesterday was my 71 birthday—really feel great—love and light.
-Jack R.

Since I found Rejuvenate; I feel much more energized.
-Joy G.

The difference for me was like night and day.
-name witheld

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