I tried the product and I love it!!

I have more energy and my skin looks great. I also used it last night on my daughter who had suspect food poisoning—she ate something that didn't agree with her, got sick, and then I gave it to her. She was fine after that. I know fulvic acid is good for food poisoning as well. I also have a friend who has lead paint on her home that is peeling off and her kids are exposed to—can she use it for this to reduce the toxicity—I'm thinking yes.

Susan H.
Since I found Rejuvenate; I feel much more energized.

For years, several doctors have recommended I take vitamins as a support to my daily diet. I had no idea that 80% or more of that support was being wasted and flushed away—until I read about it in your advertising. It used to be money down the drain. Since I found Rejuvenate; I feel much more energized. I'm more confident that my body is getting the nutritional support it needs. I can feel it. I can see it. I feel it has improved my ability to handle stress.      

Joy G.
I'm very surprised at how much energy I seem to have.

I'm feeling much more motivated, more focused and balanced than ever before. I thank Biological Therapeutics Rejuvenate for that. It provides me with a good source of Electrolytes and replenishes my energy levels fast. I admit it, I was skeptical at first that any product could do what Rejuvenate does. I never realized that the minerals I was taking weren't being properly absorbed by my body. Since taking Rejuvenate I've felt a big difference. I'm able to do more of the things I like to do. Thanks Rejuvenate.

Nita H.
The difference for me was like night and day. My friends tell me they can see a smile in my attitude.I'm very thankful for your product. I know I would still be needlessly complaining about my health and my energy levels. I guess it was a constant thing with me. For years I was unable to focus on what was important to me—the things I wanted to do just seemed to take too much energy. I wish Rejuvenate was around years ago. It would have saved me a lot of good friendships.

name witheld
I'm grateful to my friend for nudging me to try Biological Therapeutics Rejuvenate. As a busy consultant I found that my energy was not up to the levels I needed to get me through the day. I was forever tired. I just couldn't catch up to my "to-do-list". Rejuvenate changed all that. I'm 57 years old and I seem to be able to get through my work day the same as I did when I was just starting out as a 27 year old.

Robert H.
My wife introduced me to Rejuvenate. She was taking it on a regular basis. I figured if it was good for her, it would be good for me too. After taking Rejuvenate for several months, I saw my doctor for my regular check up and some blood work. After the exam, he looked at me with surprise and said "You mind telling me your secret?"

My blood tests showed improvement; my blood was showing improved signs of detoxification and there were far less signs of free-radical damage to my cells. Now I'm sharing my secret with all my friends because Rejuvenate really does work.

Michael F.
Can I have 3 dozen—I can really feel the results and I do all healthy things and yesterday was my 71 birthday—really feel great—love and light.

Jack R.