Miron Glass

Only Cell Therapy Rejuvenate™ is bottled exclusively in protective MIRON violet-glass to guarantee effectiveness.

The early Egyptians preserved their precious salves, oils, essences and alternative medicines in gold or violet jars. Today, thanks to modern science and research, we know that life-energy is best preserved by Violet glass. In fact, no other spectral range can compare. Rejuvenate is the first and only nutritional supplement bottled exclusively in MIRON violet glass bottles.

Today, Miron glass ensures that Rejuvenate retains its maximum energy and quality during storage, protecting its delicate contents by allowing a small amount of the lightest UV-spectrum in the glass while blocking out the hard UV-rays and almost all of the destructive photosensitive range. Our violet glass bottles are leagues beyond any other container in terms of protection and preservation for organic compounds.




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I tried the product and I love it!
-Susan H.

Since I found Rejuvenate; I feel much more energized.
-Joy G.

I'm grateful to my friend for nudging me to try Biological Therapeutics Rejuvenate.
-Robert H.

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