Where does Fulvic come from?

Fulvic is created by microbial act at the roots of plants. Its function is to dissolve, and convert the metallic and clay based mineral molecules that are in soils, into a form that is usable by plants, animals and people. Once the minerals are dissolved, plants uptake, through their root system, the powerful Fulvic substance that is loaded with dissolved minerals and trace elements.

Supplements high in Fulvic come from ancient deposits of lush plant matter that were buried millions of years ago before chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful substances ever existed.

The Fulvic strength of today's plant derived mineral products depends on the Fulvic concentration of its source. Fulvic content varies from deposit to deposit similar to the way minerals are found in veins throughout the world.

Fulvic is no longer readily available in today's plants because chemicals and pesticides kill the microorganisms that create Fulvic. Because of our current farming practices, this essential natural process has basically stopped. When the Fulvic microorganisms in soil are destroyed, plants are not able to take the undissolved metallic and clay minerals into their root systems.

The minerals remain in their original inorganic form in the soil, and our plants become mineral deficient. To complicate matters, the mineral content of our soils has grown extremely low. Farmlands have been overused and minerals are not being replaced the way nature intended. Even organic foods can be deficient because of our depleted soils. Scientists feel this could account for the dramatic rise in health problems. Foods with high Fulvic content are very difficult to gain, making it essential that we supplement our diets with this essential molecule.



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