Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects. Rejuvenate is a nutritional supplement and as such unused portions are naturally flushed from the body when not required or too much has been ingested.

You cannot overdose on Biological Therapeutics Rejuvenate. When used as a detoxifier and the energy potential in the body is increased, the natural mechanism in many people's bodies can be to increase metabolism of waste material out of the body. This can result in detoxification symptoms – such as headaches, achiness, skin eruptions, if it is done too rapidly, and especially if the eliminative channels of the body are congested. If this happens reduce the level of Rejuvenate from the recommended dose from 8 drops to 4 drops three times per day in water, and gradually increase with time back to recommended daily intake.



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I tried the product and I love it!
-Susan H.

Can I have 3 dozen—I can really feel the results and I do all healthy things and yesterday was my 71 birthday—really feel great—love and light.
-Jack R.

I'm very surprised at how much energy I seem to have.
-Nita H.

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